Please note: O’Haras Battery the exhibition is closed, only the gun is open to public.

O'Haras Battery

At the highest point of the Rock of Gibraltar, O'Hara's Battery is named after General Charles O'Hara, Governor of Gibraltar 1795-1802. General O'Hara was of the opinion that if he could raise a tower on this south summit of the Rock, he would be able to observe the comings and goings of the enemy at Cadiz harbour, over sixty miles away. His tower was built but was unsuccessful and thus named O'Hara's folly by the garrison. It survived until 1888 when discussion about its imminent demolition made it the subject of a wager between the garrison gunners and the gunnery officers of HMS Wasp. The end result was that Wasp used spars and rigging to enable her guns to bear at high elevation and commenced blasting away at the tower. Shot 6 cracked it from top to bottom...and off they sailed, honour satisfied.

The first 6 inch gun was mounted in 1890 but it was replaced in 1901 by a  9.2 inch gun with a range of 29,000 yards, helped somewhat by its height above sea level.

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